An autumnal, cosy sunflower-inspired knitted jumper :)

Though primarily linked with Van Gogh and European scenes, sunflowers are actually native to Mesoamerica. Inspiration for this jumper came from my longing for the sunrays that I left behind when migrating to Ireland. While I don't have a problem dealing with the cold or dampness here, what's difficult is not being able to witness the beauty of winter sunny days. Wearing a sunflower jumper helps to bridge this gap somewhat.​​​​​​​
Sketches and colour palettes
Main element - 4 colours
Pattern swatch
In Spanish, the name of this flower is simply breathtaking - "girasol". Meaning “following the sun”, it aptly describes how girasoles respond to sunlight by tracking its daily movement from east to west. In a Mexican native language, Nahuatl, it is called Chimalxóchitl, with "Chimatl" signifying shield and "Xóchitl" denoting flower – strong enough to make it a reminder of fortitude to me!​​​​​​​
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